Whether it’s staff attrition, new employees or inadequately trained employees, lack of operator and maintenance training and testing is one of the primary reasons for power system failure. Your employees need to understand how the emergency power system works and how to recognize potential problems.

CPC’s On-Site Training service is offered in order to educate electrical maintenance personnel to utilize and operate installed equipment.  All of our training is customized to each client’s needs. One of our senior consultants will instruct facility personnel utilizing demonstrations and hands-on training. Our training curricula covers:

  • Function of major components.
  • Nomenclature associated with operating equipment.
  • Demonstrations on how to read and adjust timers and other customer settings.
  • Demonstrations on how to test system with and without load transfer.
  • Training
  • Intent and operation of customer features.

CPC will create a training program to fit your needs and provide customized training at your site. New staff or experienced hands, we’ll help them stay abreast of the latest developments in technology and performance. Give us a call and let us design a training program for your operators today.